Boy oh boy, did I move
by Kevin M. Holgate

The first time I moved it wasn’t too bad, I gained a room to myself but lost my best friend. Cats don’t take kindly to changing territories.

The second time I moved, I saw my father cry for the very first time. We left family behind all in the name of promotion. Kids adapt to new places better than cats and parents.

Third move…further promotion, back to home territory. New high school again, fourth one in five years, remade persona re-adapting and fitting in yet again.

College, job, move out on my own. Time to own furniture and get a cat. Leave my job behind and go explore the world. Cat moves to Ontario without me.

Home again after a dozen countries, not my house, not anyone’s house. Home to death and loss, missed funerals and never said goodbyes and new beginnings yet again.

Followed the cat… new school again, new rooms, new apartments, new life, new expectations. Gained a family and a new cat and new dog too. And then move move move move move. Life is change and change is life.

Moved into fatherhood, responsibility, rat race, mortgage, bills and after twenty plus years moved on from that too. Divorce, rethinking re-establishing re-everything .

Years of devotion to a career kids and the rules and then I moved, retirement rethink re-establish relinquish.

Now I move into me. I gain room to be me, to do as I want, to just pause. And then move, because if you don’t move as I have moved, if you don’t move move move you don’t get to re-invent renew rejuvenate.

When I moved, boy oh boy did I move.

IMAGE: “We’ve Moved” card, available at zazzle

holgate1ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kevin Holgate is a teacher, artist, and writer from the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada. He enjoys the inspiration of the natural world and has a deep connection to people both past and present. He is currently moving into that first year of retirement and reinventing his life.

PHOTO: The author on the move…running the Bayshore Half Marathon in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada, 2014.