Blue on asphalt
by A. Garnett Weiss

At twenty-one, I left my childhood
          drove the two-lane highway for hours
          in my new Volkswagen bug
          (with monthly payments)

Sat white-knuckled at the wheel
          as crosswinds, giant trucks buffeted

Arrived with a hell-of-a-migraine
Took the elevator up to my first flat

Surveyed the stuff in cardboard boxes
          The popsicle-orange couch
          A table with four tub chairs
          in Mary Quant flower print

          and cried

IMAGE: Retro orange loveseat, available at

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: “Blue on asphalt” provides a snapshot of my breakaway over forty years ago to take a job I wasn’t sure about in a city a couple of hours from my family home. Since I had to have a car for that type of work, to afford it, I cashed in savings bonds I’d received at birth, plus agreed to monthly payments for the balance— assuming my first big debt. With limited highway driving experience and after only a few standard shift lessons, I left. The title reveals more than the colour of the car.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A. Garnett Weiss is a Canadian poet whose words appear in local and national media, various chapbooks, literary journals and anthologies, as well as online, either under the pseudonym A. Garnett Weiss or as JC Sulzenko. Silver Birch Press has featured her poems in a number of online series, as well as in its Self Portrait and Ides anthologies. Her centos also have been published in Vallum: Contemporary Poetry and appeared on Arc Poetry Magazine’s Poem of the Year shortlist (2014). She sits on the selection board for and serves as curator for The Glebe Report’s “Poetry Quarter.”