Sorry, the choice isn’t mine
by Poojal Mapari

I didn’t know it meant we were moving out,
when you said change was the only way through.

“A better society, a better life”
was all I heard ’round the clock.
So, why these voices in my head
when Change would change my ma and pa’s life?

Maybe change was what I didn’t like;
change symbolizing uncertainty so proudly
it made me want to cry.

Too little to understand
what change preached back then,
So, why these voices in my head
when moving out maybe wasn’t that hard to strive?

Sharjah to Dubai? Fifty thousand steps,
Completely different names,
Isn’t that too much for a little child? was all in mind.

“Don’t over-think it,
you’ll love the place in no time”
easier told than loved;
hate was all I had for The Place.

I didn’t succeed, of course,
to make ma and pa understand
Amy’s Teddy was more important than life.

And in I entered this place;
Dare I say, beautiful,
more than teddy even,
But sshhh, ma and pa should never know
and neither should Teddy ( Please?)

And today right before I’m off to sleep, here I am
penning my little childhood dilemma,
thinking about what my mum meant
when she said Change was the only way through;
through life, through ups and through downs.

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NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: It’s been nine years since I last moved, so this poem is a little excerpt from what was on my mind when I was around five and was told we had to move…

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Poojal Mapari, a student in grade 10, identifies her passion as writing. She is almost always writing and if not that, reading. She also loves photography and traveling.