If I Want to Rebel
by Lin Whitehouse

If I want to dance
on the patio at midnight,
music driving not droning
a beat that won’t let me
sleep then I will.

If I don’t agree
I will challenge, my voice assured
to express my views and if
you take offence it’s your
problem, not mine.

If I shrug off friends
too needy and greedy I’m not
shallow but have reached that age
when I just want to please
myself not them.

If I discard the chains
of acceptance that constrained my
younger self, it’s because I
have learnt to value what
is important.

PHOTO: Isadora Duncan in Greece, around 1905.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: As a girl I was very shy and put up with people who were sometimes not very nice. When I had my two sons I was no longer afraid of the head teacher and when I reached sixty I realised I didn’t want to grow old gracefully!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lin Whitehouse lives in a small English village. She works for a children’s charity and writes every day. Her poems have been published in Turbulence, Writing Magazine, and The Great Gatsby Anthology, and she has had short plays performed around East and North Yorkshire, Newcastle, and recently as part of 2015 Cornucopia Festival.