If I Ponder
by Veronica Hosking

 If I ponder A Question
To read a poem inside a
poem, trying to echo voice
looking at what another said
I mean sit down and really look
Can you truly see me?

Words are written on the page in
a frenzy, thoughts spill out the
question posed, gazing at the stars

I am not confident they will tell
the truth so I look inside me
Is it possible to truly
know all the thoughts men
will voice over coffee of
all the poems written on earth

Powerful two letters holds all
we have ever pondered in the
cosmos, we tremble soul-and-body
lingering on what-ifs scars

There are many people who were
consumed contemplating verse, not
one poet questioned life or love too

If Rudyard Kipling failed to
write of more what loss we’d pay
searching echoes to answer for
the confidence of birth


A Question
by Robert Frost

A voice said, Look me in the stars
And tell me truly, men of earth,
If all the soul-and-body scars
Were not too much to pay for birth.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This is a Golden Shovel poem. My first attempt at the form, I wrote the poem in April 2014 for national poetry month. It was posted on my poetry blog for NaPoWriMo.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Veronica Hosking is a wife, mother, and poet.  She lives in the desert southwest with her husband and two daughters.  Her family and day job, cleaning the house, serve as inspiration for most of her poetry. She was the poetry editor for MaMaZina magazine 2006-2011.  “Spikier Spongier” appeared in Stone Crowns magazine November 2013. “Desperate Poet” was posted on the Narrator International website and reprinted in Poetry Nook February 2014. Silver Birch Press has published several of her poems upon first accepting “Rain Drops” in the Half New Year poetry collection, July 2014. Veronica keeps a poetry blog at vhosking.wordpress.com.

PHOTO: The author posing in front of bengal statue at Buffalo State College in Buffalo, New York, September 2014. Photo by Ronald Heintz.