If I Had to Say
by Kelly Ramsdell Fineman

If I had to say when
it started to run off the rails,
I’d be hard-pressed.

Days without talking,
nights without touch stretched
the course of weeks, then months.
Even before the silence and space,
small indicators passed unheeded:

When a cooking show brought me
to tears, evoked yearning, induced envy
because of for-show affection between
host and husband, I probably should
have noticed we were already broken.

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NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: My poems are usually based in personal experience or observation, although I am also quite fond of writing about any topic that intrigues me, whether it’s Shakespeare’s female characters or peculiar bits of news.


Kelly Ramsdell Fineman
is an author and award-winning poet whose poetry has appeared in many anthologies and literary journals. She lives quite happily these days in southern New Jersey with her cat and the love of her life.

PHOTO: The author happy in Paris.