If I can chose it will be spring
by Heidi North-Bailey

If I can chose it will be spring
the yellow rose will be in bloom

you will still have sand
in your shoes, a leftover

of that summer. We will laugh
recall the black night

we swam naked, shoes
deserted. I will remember

the taste of phosphorescence
and your touch.

You will say, I’ve missed you
I will lie, breezy, Time flew

the light off the sea
will overwhelm

a frame in which you dazzle
as your toe begins to nudge

the familiar groove
in my doorstep

IMAGE: “Wild Roses” by Vincent van Gogh (1890).


Heidi North-Bailey
is a writer from Auckland, New Zealand. Her poetry and short stories have been published in New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. She won an international Irish award for her poetry in 2007, and has won New Zealand awards for her short fiction. Heidi’s first poetry book Possibility of Flight was published by Wellington publisher Makaro Press in 2015. She joins the Shanghai International Writers Programme along with 10 other writers worldwide as the NZ fellow in September-October this year.