If I Moved
by Barbara Ruth

If I move to Domain Apartments in San Jo
blue lightning will chevron the fitness center in anticipation of my arrival.

If I move to Alderwood Apts
I will learn how to Live the Good Life.

If I live at Reed Square in Sunnyvale
I will be Vibrant! Bold! Distinct! while I fight MediCaid for my oxygen.

At the Parc they care about me. I’ll live large
down to my last bowl of miso.

I’ll be revitalized at Woodland Meadow
you’ll see my brain light up when anyone says “leaping lesbians.”

At my sweet suite at the Giovanni
I’ll fling gnocchi into the redwoods.

At Mosaic in downtown SJ I’ll cast off
the relics of Then because it will always be Now.

At the Commons of Campbell they’ll bestow upon me
the key to the Passageway of Extravagant Kisses.

Apartment 4103 has great views and fun angles
(and I’m always ISO an angle with fun.)

If I live at the Carlyle in Santa Clara
I’ll say goodbye forever to rigged elections.

There’s a pricey two bedroom coming next month.
These offers will not last long.
Conditions are subject to change,
Submit now.

IMAGE: California home state pillow, available at


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Barbara Ruth creates at the intersection of Potowatomee and Ashkenazi, disabled and neuroqueer, fat and yogi, not this and not that. Her photography, memoirs, poetry, and fiction appear in numerous lesbian, queer, feminist, disability, and literary anthologies and journals. She lives with her beloved in San Jose, California, USA.