If I Was Your Nemesis
by Shloka Shankar

If I was your nemesis,
you’d see me every day

in a cloud shaped
like your confession.

Or see my reflection
when you stand up straight

and preen before the mirror.
If I was your nemesis,

you would worship me
where the softness of your cheek

meets the cool side of a pillow;
robbing you of a good night’s sleep

as I pitch my tent
in your subconscious.

IMAGE:“The Future of Statues” by René Magritte (1937).


Shloka Shankar
is a freelance writer from Bangalore, India. She loves experimenting with Japanese short forms of poetry, as well as found/remixed pieces. She enjoys singing and creating abstract art/mixed media in her free time. Her work has most recently appeared in Failed Haiku, Red Bird, NOON, Erstwhile, The Ham Free Press, and other publications. She is the founding editor of the literary & arts journal, Sonic Boom.

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: Taken on my twenty-sixth birthday in Bangalore, India.