If I were (to)
by Massimo Soranzio

If I—
If I—
If I were—
If I were to tell—

If I were to tell you all,
All the things I’ve left untold,
Unuttered, unexpressed, in part or wholly

If I did, what would you call
Me then: brave, heroic, bold?
Prompted by my sense of guilt, or by folly?
Just exposed,

Like a hermit crab losing its shell,
My tender self would be showing well.

IMAGE: “The Age of Enlightenment” by René  Magritte (1967).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This poem is meant for the persons who are closest to me, who often complain that, even if I am rather talkative and enjoy conversation, I tend not to speak about myself, or what my (pre-)occupations are at the moment.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Massimo Soranzio writes on the northern Adriatic coast of Italy, about 20 miles from Trieste. He teaches English as a foreign language and English literature in a high school, and has been a journalist, a translator, and a freelance lecturer on Modernist literature and literary translation. He took part in the Found Poetry Review‘s National Poetry Month challenges Oulipost (2014) and PoMoSco (2015), and in a virtual tour around the world with an international group of poets on