If I Was Invisible
by Phetote Mshairi

If I was invisible
would you still overlook the fact
that I am exactly
who you prayed for?

If I was invisible,
would my virtuous attributes
still be divisible
by the square root
of what I do not look like,
whom you would
rather I be?

If I was inside out
with nothing to hide,
would my transparency
frighten you?

Would you allow reality
to enlighten you to the fact
that you actually
like me too?

Could you fathom that truth?

If money and material objects
were no object,
would you still object
to your obvious connection
with “Mr. Phetote would be perfect if
(insert something superficial here)”?

If I could convey chivalry
in a million and one ways,
and the authenticity
of the Gentleman in me
would make you see
that chivalry
is not make believe…
then would you believe me?

If physical matter
didn’t matter,
how much more
would I matter to you?

Please tell me
that “we”
matter more
than carnal matters do…

Do we?

PHOTO: Taken at “Lefty’s on Greenwood,” Tulsa, Oklahoma (Winter 2015).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This poem was motivated by a woman I was dating who told me that I would be perfect if I looked a certain way and if I had more money. :-/


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Phetote Mshairi is a poet, author, Poetry Slam champion (in several competitions), songwriter/performer, teaching artist of poetry workshops,  actor, and mentor from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has a B.B.A. from Langston University, with a major in Business Management. As a member of the Poetry Board Committee at Living Arts of Tulsa, he curates, presents, hosts, and performs in original spoken-art events. The host of a weekly open mic event called “Manhattan Musings,” he is also a songwriter and performer of music from various genres, with two music CDs of various genres in the works.

AUTHOR PHOTO: Taken in February 2016 at a heritage poetry slam near Dallas, Texas.