If I Made a Movie
by Michael Minassian

If I made a movie about my life,
I would prefer the midnight showing
or perhaps a small art cinema
in a random city.

Unknown actors would stand in for me,
or I might play all the parts myself –
switching camera angles or using tricks of lighting
to fool audience and critics alike.

At the Oscars, the stage crammed with stars,
I would graciously accept my awards,
although my speech would run on
for fourteen hours as I thanked all of you,
               my friends.

PHOTO: Santa Fe (New Mexico) Independent Film Festival, October 2012.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Having attended many Film Festivals, I noticed quite a few writer/directors made autobiographical films. I wondered what would happen if I produced my own autobiography. Would it be a comedy, tragedy, action movie, tear jerker, western, sci-fi? Of course, it would be an international box office sensation and win multiple awards.


Michael Minassian 
lives in San Antonio, Texas. His poems have appeared in such journals as TheAurorean,The Broken Plate, Exit 7, The Galway Review, and Third Wednesday. He is also a Contributing Editor for Verse-Virtual, an online literary magazine. Amsterdam Press published a chapbook of poems entitled The Arboriculturist in 2010.