My Familiar
by Tricia Marcella Cimera

 He spoke to me and I fell under his spell. He said Look at me, darling so I did — a large gray ‘n white china cat with huge (staring) green eyes and a gleeful smile showing his pointed (sharp) teeth, he sat expectantly on the curio shop shelf. I picked him up, put him down, then picked him up again. This cat was strange. This cat was odd. This cat looked like trouble. I had to have this cat. The sensible good girl in me protested that he was $70, was I crazy, but I told Goody firmly, surprisingly, to just shut up. I brought the china cat to the counter and the shopkeeper gave a start. I was wondering who would buy this, she said, looking at me sideways, while she quickly tucked him into a bag.I opened my eyes wide and grinned Cheshire-big. Meeee, lady I purred in my mind and heard a muffled laugh. Thank you I said sweetly and left with my familiar and how we got home I don’t really remember except that the night air rushed by while his silky voice urged me on, faster faster . . .

PHOTO: Scratch-Mirth, 2016.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Yes, this is one of my prized possessions. I adore this cat and after having him for a while, I named him Scratch-Mirth. All I know about him is that he was made in Germany pre-WWII. He was made to be a nightlight, being hollow with an area for electrical wiring. His staring green eyes glow when you shine a light in him. I’m not sure what sort of child would find him a comforting presence in the night; he sits on a shelf in my living room. If anyone has any more information about my cat, please leave a comment.Not long after I purchased him in that curio shop almost 20 years ago, my black cat, Jet, knocked Scratch-Mirth over and popped out one of his eyes which I glued back on. A bit of rivalry, I guess, between my familiars.


Tricia Marcella Cimera
is a Midwestern poet with a worldview. Look for her work in these diverse places (some forthcoming): Buddhist Poetry Review, The Ekphrastic Review, Foliate Oak, Failed Haiku, Fox Adoption Magazine, I Am Not A Silent Poet, Mad SwirlSilver Birch Press, Yellow Chair ReviewWild Plum, and elsewhere.  She has a micro collection of water-themed poems called THE SEA AND A RIVER on the Orgami Poems Project  website.  Tricia believes there’s no place like her own backyard and has traveled the world (including Graceland).  She lives with her husband and family of animals in Illinois / in a town called St. Charles / by a river named Fox. Her broom is always nearby.