by Jen Waldron

Firsts of things are often the most memorable. The first piece I ever found could have ended in a very different way had I thrown it into the ocean, but I didn’t. I was a twelve-year-old girl walking along the shore to get away from it all. That was the day I found an emerald and declared green to be my favorite color.

A nearby beachcomber saw my unique find and explained to me what it was. Ordinary broken glass, once sharp and shiny, now transformed by the ocean into a smooth, frosty jewel. My first piece of sea glass. I was hooked.

Over many years, the hunt for sea glass has been therapy. One emerald led to a collection of thousands. Walking miles of coastlines and searching through sand and stones gives much time for reflection and renewal. Each trial and tribulation fading as I collect another small treasure.

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: My prized emerald (to the right of the penny) surrounded by an assortment of my other finds.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jen Waldron was born and raised in northern New England, and now resides with her husband of more than 30 years just outside sunny Atlanta, Georgia. When not working as a registered nurse, she spends her time writing and baking, and then baking and writing. Her published stories are based on personal memories and the humor in life. She is incredibly thankful for three wonderful sons and three adorable grandsons, none of whom has caused her a moment’s stress. She spends her vacations along a multitude of coastlines because she secretly wishes “sea glass hunter” were an actual occupation.