My Scarf from Praha
by Shreerupa Basu Das

The first thing we noticed upon arriving in Prague were the beautiful, artistic scarves that hung everywhere in souvenir, departmental, or corner stores. I had decided then and there I would definitely leave with at least one of them! The next day after our tour of the pretty city, we decided to go shopping for my scarf. It was a good experience speaking to the shopkeepers and understanding how the scarves are made. I have seen scarves around the world, but these were unique — the texture, the design — some had Prague maps on them, others featured Prague monuments and buildings. But the one I liked was in a little corner store near the castle. It had almost all the colours possible,  flowery and bright. Looking at its price, I was a bit indecisive. The lady in the shop kept saying fixed price to us. Ultimately we just walked away thanking her for showing us around her shop.

The next day I found myself again venturing to the castle area. It was almost closing time. The lady was really surprised to see us. She pointed at the scarf and said, “It’s been sitting here only for you.” I put it around my neck and looked into the shop mirror. A few minutes later I walked out a few Korunas lighter but extremely satisfied with my possession.
I wear it everywhere and it has always earned huge admiration. The scarf is appropriate on any occasion — it’s like my signature piece. I feel I’m quite not myself without it.. Over the years it’s one of the best things I have acquired from my trips abroad and very close to my heart .One day I know I will give it to my daughter — my scarf from Praha.

PHOTO: The author wearing her prized scarf.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: When I sat to write this piece and started thinking of all my prized possessions, the first visual I had was of me wearing this scarf. I did not have to think again. And realised some things though small could end up being very precious.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Shreerupa Basu Das is from Kolkata, India, where she worked as a qualified chartered accountant. A resident of the UK for the last eight years, she is a mum of two and works as a mortgage consultant. She loves to cook and travel, and writes occasionally, taking inspiration from her life experiences.