Granddad’s Safe
by Thomas Park

I have memories of Granddad
Though towards the end, he lost
His memories– he left
A small safe, combination “B S”
For “Ben Scott,”stained wood
10″ by 6″ by 3”
Metal dials

Inside  —

Pieces of money, from his travels
World War II, Pacific Theater
Inked images of world leaders
Now gone, pictures of coastlines,
Temples, boats, airplanes

Words and numbers in different tongues
Presenting the mystery
What current value?

Even a note that meant a dollar
But was not a dollar
From American wartime

Hard on my luck, I once took
The different monies
In a plastic bag, to a collector
To see what current currency
I might get in exchange

The varied bills and coins stumped him, as well
Scratching his head, he refused the sale
Was fate, perhaps, I took it all home
Betrayal somewhat by chance averted

Times are better now, I remember
Granddad well, and the tangible, worn
Tokens of his adventures
Over one-half century ago
Remain safe

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: The image is a treated photo I made of various foreign coins.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Granddad’s safe is not far from my work station, and I looked over at it while writing. I mostly worked by sharing what was in my mind about the safe. In most of my poetry, I try to work with whatever is already in my mind.

thomas_park_bio_imageABOUT THE AUTHOR: Thomas Park has a safe full of interesting currency, but spends much of his time working at the local library to make more currency. He is married,  has two cats, and lives  in the Tower Grove South neighborhood of Saint Louis. He  also paints, makes prints, and composes music and videos