Teddy,age 61,Granny's gift, 1955
Teddy the Great
by Maggie Mackay

Colossus, King of Toys,
Granny’s gift from Merrythought,
At sixty-one, he’s retired;
not retiring though,
when a tearful child seeks his woolly touch.
Ear adrift,
he bears me no grudge
for the toddling years
when I dragged him
where I tottered,
my bodyguard and very best friend.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This poem was inspired by the token of love given to me by my one remaining grandparent when I was two. At first I was afraid of his size and hid under the dining table on the day he appeared. My Gran was the kindest person, and I like to commemorate her influence in this prized possession piece. I still have the teddy bear complete with the ragged ear by which I dragged him around.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Maggie Mackay is a retired additional support needs teacher, living on the east coast of Scotland and enjoying life as a final year Masters Creative Writing student at Manchester Metropolitan University, where she is currently working on her poetry portfolio. She has work in various print and online publications, including A New Manchester Alphabet, Bare Fiction, Ink, Sweat and Tears, The Interpreter’s House, Prole. Indigo Dreams Publishing, and in several Three Drops Press anthologies.