Out of Reach
by Lynda Lesny

There you were
Hanging on the line
A clothespin pinching each ear
My scrawny little bear
High above me
Well out of reach.
How could this have happened?
I only left you for a little while.
I just went out to play.
It was safe that one time.
You used to keep me company
When I hid under the veranda
Hid from the girls who wanted to whip me
With their skipping ropes.
It was always just you and me
And then
There you were
Out of reach
The dirt and the grime of all our huddling
All our secrets
All those memories
Washed away.
I hardly recognized you.

PHOTO: “Teddy on Clothesline” by Aparna Balasubramanian. Prints available at fineartamerica.com.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: My relationship with this little stuffed bear involved my first taste of solitude and acceptance, separation and powerlessness.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lynda Lesny was born in Timmins, Ontario, Canada, and currently lives in Sudbury, Ontario. Her poems have been included in The Pendle War Poetry Anthology (UK), Talent NorthSulphur IV, CBC Radio’s Point’s North, Moving with Poetry, and Sudbury Library’s on-line publications, Poet-of-the-Month and Terra North. Most recently, she had two poems published in Issue #8 of the on-line magazine, Understorey.