Monkey Art
by Mark Hudson

I was in rural Ohio when I was a teenager, and I was at
an outdoor art festival, and I saw a man painting
art on circular blades of chainsaws. Out of the
blue, I said, “Could you paint me a picture
on one of those circular blades of an orangutan
sitting in the branches of a tree, with a bluebird on
his shoulder?”
So sure enough he did, and I must’ve given
him ten bucks or something for the art on the
chainsaw, and I still have it thirty years later.
It hangs in my apartment, and
I walk by it every day, and don’t even notice it,
because my apartment is full of endless paintings
and prints piled up to the ceiling! (Don’t let
my landlady read this!)

AUTHOR’S CAPTION: “Orangutan with bluebird on shoulder” chainsaw blade art commissioned by the author in rural Ohio.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mark Hudson is a writer and artist who writes about every topic under the sun. He likes monkeys and has often created art about monkeys. And in high school used to have a fascination with King Kong. He has only watched one or two of the Planet of the Apes movies, but thinks it hardly is just monkey business.