Sweet Forgiveness
by Sheila Wellehan

I was horrid the last time I screamed
It’s over!
and snarled we couldn’t even be friends
but here I am again begging
I know you’ll love me again.

When I’m down, you surround me, dear fat jeans
when I’m bloated and dread getting dressed
your forgiveness turns large into lovely
your magic transforms plump into hot Rubenesque.

We’ll be together forever, sweet fat jeans
don’t believe me when I hiss
Hit the road!
and throw you cruelly to the back of my closet
we both know I love life à la mode.

SOURCE: Originally published in Unrequited: An Anthology of Love Poems About Inanimate Objects, edited by Kelly Ann Jacobson (2016).

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: My sweet fat jeans.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: My most valued possessions are often ordinary ones, simple objects that enhance my daily life. “Sweet Forgiveness” celebrates one of my favorites.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sheila Wellehan‘s poetry is featured or forthcoming in Chiron ReviewThe Fourth River, Poetry East, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Yellow Chair Review, and other journals. She lives in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Visit her online at sheilawellehan.com.