That Hat
by Terrence Sykes

That hat — that cool cat hat — I rarely wear a hat
But there I was in Los Angeles & was going to meander
That Pacific shoreline from Venice Beach to the far side of Santa Monica
That hat I bought at the 99 Cent Store … was it one of Sunset ….no

That hipster hat make me look different for several spoke to me in
But pale Irish me with that touch of Cherokee that made me look Asian in
     my youth
That bookstore down on Venice Beach …French Bulldogs everywhere
That hat told me took me around the globe ….It’s a Small World .. is it not

That hipster sat down at Flake on Rose Avenue & composed cool poems
But it took a year or two to get them published in journals but so what
That Pacific breeze was calling my name & that thrift store I adore on
That hat shaded my eyes so that I could see … handsome joggers and

That hat was a good luck charm — for I found fifty bucks in cash on the
But I spent it on a dreadful meal at the Getty Center… not so fancy restaurant
     after all
That art … the art of being a hipster in a hat and that ain’t all …if I do tell
     the tale
That hat strolled with me all over LA …taking my memories.. but I left it

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: That hipster sat down at Flake on Rose Avenue & composed cool poems

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I composed this autobiographical poem to… tell a story — sing a song — remember a photograph from my adventures on my yearly trip to LA ….


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Terrence Sykes was born and raised in the rural coal mining area of southwestern Virginia, and this isolation brought forth the theme of remembrance to his creations, whether real or imagined. Though not traditional in his spiritual path, these traditional threads of his past are woven into his tapestry of writing. Terrence is a GASP — Gay Alcoholic Southern Poet and Italian by rebirth who also does heirloom vegetable research & reintroduced Large Oxheart Cabbage to Jefferson’s Monticello . His poetry- photography-flash fiction have been published in India, Scotland, Spain, and the USA.

AUTHOR PHOTOGRAPH: The author in Santa Monica, California (2013).