by Ananya S. Guha

Defining the actor
the comedian,
me in a hat
a bowler hat
which the British
left to ingratiate
our wounds,
simply to pacify
that last withering
storm.The Bowler
Hats of my uncles
they wore nattily dressed
and surpassed those
cobbled lanes.
When they died the hats
somersaulted in cupboards.
I wore one of them
in a fancy dress party
among bemused
The others wore their turbans
or bald heads,
But me in the bowler hat
was impresario.

PHOTO: English bowler hat available at


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ananya S.  Guha lives in  Shillong, in  North East India. He has been writing  poetry and publishing his poems in  print and online journals for over 30 years. His works have appeared in  several anthologies of  poetry.