Isolde in Flight
by Joanie HF Zosike

Like a denizen of Dearth
I can’t, for all I’m worth find
A suitable emulsion to shield
My skin from curse of wind
That pounds me as I plumb
The heavens on my broom

I look, with dreary doom
With my yellowy eyes tuned
To check if my hair’s askew
Curls atop my head renew
Like an ice cream pushup bra
Feel her reign of splendor hew

In her glory, my haughty hat
Lacy, sprightly, sparkled bat
Perches on my peak so lithe
She crowns me, dancing with
Splendor; my Systers sou’wester
Like a sequined Queen Esther

Mary’s confectional haberdashery
Elicits oohs and whoos and many
“Where’d you get that hat?”’s
Besides its beauty, it’s functional—
Helps me render from on high
Octaves in the Halloween sky

PHOTO: The author, as Isolde Sigrunde, prepares to sing octaves and take flight (October 31, 2016, Theater for the New City).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I love hats, all sorts of hats, and I have many. Even a red hat, mind you. But my favorite is the one depicted above because it is, after all, a witch’s hat, and a magical one at that. It gets more compliments than all my other hats combined!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joanie HF Zosike appears annually in the persona of Isolde Sigrunde, an opera-singing witch, with The Wycherley Systers in New York City. We are not certain who wrote the above poem—Joanie or Isolde. You can find Joanie’s poetry and prose in At the Edge, Bastille, crocknbunk.com, Dissident Voice, Heresies, Jewish Forward, LaMia Ink, Levure Literraire, Maintenant, Nessuno Tocchi Caino, Public Illumination Magazine (PIM, under pseudonym), Silver Birch Press, Womannews and Zeitriss, among others. She is a member of The Living Theatre, director of DADAnewyork and co-director of Action Racket Theatre, as well as People’s Life Fund, THAW (Theatres Against War), and War Resisters League.

PHOTO: The author  in a somewhat studious moment, Fiorenza, Italy.