My Fancy Fashion Hat
by Kathleen Robinson

I am a fancy hat evangelist—
yes!—by bold example and design.

It takes a certain sense of self
to wear a fashion hat with ease
these days. And some would say
a sense of place: the Derby, not
a football stadium. I am more liberal,
and wear mine when and where I want.

This frothy topper makes a statement—
that I’m happy in my skin,
and confident—but more than this,
that anyone can wear one if she dares.
Many times someone has said she loves
my hat, and wishes she’d worn hers.
I almost hear her thoughts: If she
can wear a hat like that, then so can I!

CAPTION: The author  in one of her fancy hats, before a painted backdrop of a Paris street (where she wishes she were).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: What fun to explore the underpinnings of one of my passions that could be easily dismissed as frivolous by someone inclined to superficial judgments.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: After a career of straightforward wordsmithing as a technical writer and editor in government, university, and contract work, Kathleen Robinson has emerged as a poet through the University of Illinois chapter of the nationwide Osher Institute for Lifelong Learning. She identifies with metaphysical poets and celebrates the role of intuition in daily life. She is assembling her first collection after strong encouragement from listeners who describe many of her poems as luminous and evocative, yet completely accessible.