I remember her
by Crystal Cook

I remember.
I felt silly sitting there
posing, pretending
the camera wasn’t
watching me,
capturing me
in that moment.
But now,
now I look at the
fading photo
and I remember her,
that girl on the bench.
I see her innocence,
I know her past.
I study her,
that baby doll dress
and tea party hat.
Thirteen years old,
a little girl,
someone new
and I see
and resilience,
I see someone
too young
to have the
she has.
I’m proud of her.
Her momma
taught her well,
gave her what
she would need
to walk into
the future,
to become

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: My memory of this day is vivid, I remember how I was feeling, what the air felt like as it tickled my skin. I knew change surrounded me. I was changing, growing up despite having already grown up so much. I wasn’t thinking of the future that day, I was still trying to forget things of the past.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Crystal Cook — otherwise known as Qwietpleez here on the interwebs — goes by many names, most notably “Mommy.” Proud wife and mother four, she is an Autism Warrior Momma and an advocate for those with special needs and their families. She writes about about life and love, the good and the bad, the serious and the silly over at, and sometimes to make some spare change for Venti iced coffees, she writes about other things. She has been a guest writer forSammiches and Psych Meds, Mamolode,The Mighty, The Good Mother Project, and a contributing writer for the books Lose the Cape: Never Will I Ever (and then I had kids), and Fall in Love With Writing.