Sun of a Hat
by Kevin Shannon

I have a favorite piece of headgear,
A faded khaki canvas sun hat
Whose side brims can be popped up
When the wild winds threaten to steal it
Or you just want that unbalanced jaunty look
As you Jack-Hanna it up in town.
Over the years of wear my sweating has left
A white salt tide mark across the thinning brow.
The string chin strap is almost chewed through.
Now it has a black feather from a
Costa Rica vulture fixed to the side
As a caveat and a totem of its provenance.
Inside the crown the manufacturer’s label
Trademarks it as the ‘Ultimate Hat’
And it makes me proud to think that there
Is no “Ultra Petasus,” no “Meilleur Chapeau”
In the world that can eclipse its suitability
For use, or the feeling it gives me on.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: The inspiration for this piece came from my writing group, The Red Butte Bards, a chapter of the League of Utah Writers, in which we are trying to hone our skills by writing to direction. The hat in question, of which I am very fond, is featured in my photograph. It is available for press interviews if required.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kevin Shannon s a 57 -year-old transported Englishman whose world wide travels have cast him away on the shores of the Great Salt Lake, where he is very happy to hang his hat. Now retired, he has turned his attentions to writing and long distance running.