Let’s Get Cloche
by Katharine Goodman

Hello honey, let’s get cloche.
You look so welcoming and warm
On a wet and cold winter’s night,
And those curves are a sailor’s delight.
Wanna give a girl shelter in a storm?

I could step out from the norm.
Come on sugar what’s the harm?
You and I could create quite a sight.
Wadda ya say, do ya wanna get cloche?

I’ve been dressing like an old schoolmarm.
Look just like I’ve stepped off daddy’s farm.
Your sass can alleviate my plight,
‘Cuz you and I would look dynamite.
I must admit, I’m starting to squirm.
I have to have it; I wanna get cloche!

PHOTO: “Kat with a Hat,” self-portrait  by Katharine Goodman. Photo taken at home on November 11, 2016.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: A thing or two about the creative process: Every morning I, like Dorothy Parker, wake up, brush my teeth, and sharpen my tongue. Then I grab a hot beverage and head over to the dining room table that doubles as a desk. Staring out over the Salt Lake Valley, I daydream until I find the inspiration to drive a piece out of my thoughts and onto paper. This poem came easily. I reflected back on the moment I bought the cloche. I was walking out of a gift shop and when I saw the cloche, it stopped me in my tracks. I had to have it. For me, it emboldened pure sassafras. Just the thought of wearing it made me laugh, because the curves are so cute and saucy. I am still working up the courage to put it on and take it out for a test drive. In the meantime, I will write about it. I write to make people laugh and on occasion, but not often, I make them cry. If I can create a deep emotion with words, then I have succeeded in my goal of utilizing a reader’s time well.