Hello Yellow
by Virginia Lowe

No yards of tulle
No orange blossom
No tiara woven of flowers

No floor-length gown
No satin no lace
No train or bearer

Not ivory or white
though silk it was
Sunny yellow

An impossibly wide
floppy straw hat
in yellow
No coy veil

A non-princess dress
On a day far too important
for playing dress-ups
Symbolising practicality
Portending happiness and contentment
for forty-seven years
with a beautiful partner

PHOTO: The author and her husband on their wedding day.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr Virginia Lowe has had poems published in seven paper anthologies, several journals and Australian Children’s Poetry, Write Now Magazine and Silver Birch Press. She has just completed her poetic biography A Myopic’s Vision, with one poem per year of her life. She has been the proprietor of a manuscript assessment service, for twenty years.