Version 4
I Have a Hat, a Red Suede Cowboy Hat
by Alice Morris

purchased in a southwestern shop miles from my seaside setting.
I’m fond of my hat, but seldom wear it past my yard,
perhaps because I fear the red is too dazzling, and the cowboy
style too out of touch for my nautically themed town.

Lately though, I’ve learned my lifetime of rodeo, and cattle herding
cowboy of an uncle, was inducted into
The North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame, which means
true cowboy blood must also run in my veins, which would

explain my long ago attraction to a flashy–red–western hat.
So now that I know my bold red hat is linked to proud legacy,
watch out — I’ll be busting free. No more — only-in-my-yard,
beautifully bodacious cowboy hat for me.

PHOTO: The author in her bold red cowboy hat. (Photo by Alice Morris, 2016.)

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: It was clear that I needed to write about my neglected red cowboy hat. And I knew my uncle’s being inducted into the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame would be key to this poem, but I did not realize that writing about Me, in a Hat, would lead to such a direct connection with my uncle, or put me so in touch with my heritage.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alice Morris is a Minnesota native with a BS in English Education from Towson State University and an MS in counseling from Johns Hopkins. She comes to writing with a background in art — published in The New York Art Review and a West Virginia textbook. Her poetry is included or forthcoming in several themed collections and anthologies, a shared chapbook, The Broadkill Review, Silver Birch Press, The Avocet, The Weekly Avocet, and Delaware Beach Life. Morris is an active member of Coastal Writers and the Rehoboth Beach Writers Guild.