Silken Pink Toque
by Amanda Eifert

Wearing warm hat, soft silk wool, deny twirls
Of snow’s sharp whirls; blizzard of snowflakes fat.
Cruel wind it slaps me, forceful bitter swirls.
Winter proffers ice kiss; my toque I clasp.
And my prospering mind alters.
Wind gives me welts; I sigh, offer
More of myself, facets which smelt.
Toque softness felt; cold melts.
Though morning dealt rough day, I belt
Tune that I felt inside; toque dwells,
On blond hair well, it’s suits pastel —
Silken pink hat, with bells.
You’ll hear me jingle, my soft smile compels.
I’m hear enough, with tired thoughts —mingling;
Crowded shop, singing their need for coffee,
Here too in hat, a silent voice ringing.
Outside it swirls snow, in pink toque feel “all that,”
Happy not flat or bored, mind always awhirl.
Drink tea, blond curls tucked under favourite hat.
Can just relax, my toque comfort unfurls.

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NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: The poem is a La Jemme poem. Visit to find out more about the La Jemme form of poetry. Also, in Canada, toque is the word we use for a knitted hat or beanie. The word “welts” (line 6) refers to an allergic reaction I have to the cold and wind. I experience it often in winter. It doesn’t hurt so much as look bad, my face mostly feels numb. The welts eventually go away inside.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Amanda Eifert is a writer and blogger in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She has poetry and short fiction published online for SpillWords Magazine and SickLitMagazine. She has an English BA and has applied to an MFA program in Creative Writing. You can visit her blog at to see where most of her work develops. She also conducts  writer/blogger interviews on her blog and does a variety of other writing.