Beach Hat
by Joan Leotta

The other day, while
through my closet
to pack for our beach trip,
I found the very
summer straw hat I’d
worn on our
Caribbean honeymoon.
Should I pack that for
our beach trip or just take
my usual white baseball cap?
I plopped old pink down
on my head.
Appraising myself
in our bedroom mirror,
I frowned. Too big, too pink,
too young for me now.
Before I could toss
old pink aside,
my husband walked in.
“Hey, that looks great on you.
You look so cute!”
He gave me a kiss and went out.
I took off the hat at looked at it.
Old pink would shade my eyes
from the sun. Better yet, it could
transform me
erasing wrinkles, pounds
and years in my husband’s eyes.
I packed the hat.

PHOTO: Pink sun hat found on google images.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: When I realized that it was the power of the hat, after 39 years, lots of wrinkles and many added pounds later, to prompt a spontaneous complement from my dear husband, to have him see me as he did on our honeymoon, well, that is quite a testament to the power of a hat. I guess after all these years my mother, who loved hats, is chuckling down at me from Paradise. “Yes, Mom, hats have power to transform appearance — as long as the eyes assessing you are the eyes of love.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joan Leotta walks the beach (hat on) with her husband Joe whenever she can. When not on the beach, she is either poking at computer keys or in front of a group performing stories or giving one-woman shows of her Civil War nurse or Revolutionary War era housewife who meets George Washington.

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: With my husband Joe at the beach — a selfie at our favorite coffee shop on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.