Spinning Through the Astral Plane
by L.T. Garvin

At Seventeen
we found ourselves
oh yes, angst-filled and love giddy
traveling the night roads
past open fields
stars hanging loosely from the drapes of night.
“Dream Weaver” seducing us easily
through eight-track speakers
we mapped our own astral plain.
The night was pulsating
filled with the rhythms of rock music
we were longing to taste life
outside the confines
of where that 1974 Impala could tread.
Windows open
night wind through our hair
the highway ahead
pedal down, full throttle
we hit that curve unprepared
and we were truly spinning
through air.
I looked into the fright of her eyes
fingers white on the wheel,
“I’ve lost this witch,” she said to me,
and through dappled time
we churned
as if hooked upon
a cosmic wheel.
Abruptly we stopped mid-road
lucky to be
sole travelers and still upright
on the Impala’s four wheels
we came to a halt
dizzy with life full in our faces
deciding to slow down
and tread with softer wheels
upon the wings of the night.

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: Me at 17, all dressed up as a senior in high school, 1979.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: My creative process usually centers around a specific time that I set aside for writing. I write a great deal about general events that occur in any given day, my observation of people, and also my childhood. I write about emotional events that have affected me profoundly occurring in both the past and present. I am often inspired by music and art. I love to read and feel that my love of literature has prompted me to write. I also try to read as much current poetry as I can manage and a few books every year. My main regret is that my lifestyle does not afford me as much time to read as I would like.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lana Broussard writes under the pen name of L.T. Garvin. Her short stories have appeared in print with the Texas Writer’s Journal. She has published poetry online at The Drabble, Poet’s Corner, and Wildsound Poetry Festival. L.T. writes fiction, poetry, essays, and humor that she publishes on her blog: L.T. Garvin @ WordPress. She has one book currently available and two more to be published by Crystal Publishing, LLC. Visit her on Facebook and Twitter.