Track Star
by Veronica Hosking

Running on the track
I saw his muscled legs pump
Twenty years ago
I called his name and quickly
Ducked down, too shy to be seen

Running on the track
He looked around wondering,
Did I hear my name?
Unaware his future wife
Stole a glimpse of his hot bod

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: Me (Veronica Heintz) at age 17 with Shawn Hosking dressed for my junior prom, Hamburg, New York (May 1991 — about a month after our first date).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This poem was written in April 2011 for my husband, Shawn Hosking, to commemorate the anniversary of our first date: April 18, 1991. I was 17 years old at the time. Before Shawn came to pick me up, my sister and I drove over to watch his track practice. My sister was the one who set up the date, and beforehand I wanted to see what he looked like. We sat in the car in the parking lot, watching the runners circle the track. Every once in a while yelling out, “Shawn” to get him to look around. Shawn and I celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary in October 2016, so I would say 17 was a very good age for me.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Veronica Hosking is a wife, mother, and poet.  She lives in the desert southwest with her husband and two daughters.  Her family and day job, cleaning the house, serve as inspiration for most of her poetry. She was the poetry editor for MaMaZina magazine 2006-2011.  “Spikier Spongier” appeared in Stone Crowns magazine November 2013. “Desperate Poet” was posted on the Narrator International website and reprinted in Poetry Nook February 2014. Silver Birch Press has published several of her poems upon first accepting “Rain Drops” in the Half New Year poetry collection, July 2014. Veronica keeps a poetry blog at vhosking.wordpress.com.