You’ll Grow Out of It
by Cath Bore

You’ll grow out of it. I won’t. It’s just a fad (sighs). It’s not. But you’re going to university soon. Yes, I am. But what will you eat? Food. Don’t be sarcastic. Sorry. You can’t live on salad. I’m not aiming to. But what about your, er, cycle (mouthed silently, finger circling the air in front of my belly). You’re not making any sense now, Mother. Are you doing this because of a boy? No. What’s his name? He hasn’t got one. You’ll get…what’s it called? Anaemic, that’s it. Tired, at any rate. I’m tired already, of your questions (muttered under breath). I made you a cheese toastie. Now you’re talking. I put ham in it too, like the French. *picks out ham* Well, make sure you eat lots of vegetables, if you’re not having any ham. OK. You look pale. Pale and interesting is the phrase you’re looking for. Here’s an omelette. With ham? No, mushrooms. They’re vegetarian, aren’t they? Result! You’ve lost weight. I haven’t. You’ve put weight on. Nope. Bet you’re cold. I’m fine.

I did you a bacon sandwich.


IMAGE: “Fruta de la Vida” by Frida Kahlo (1953).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: When I stopped eating meat at age 17, my family believed I was turning into some sort of anarchist. Their approach to tackling the problem, as they saw it, was frustrating and annoying at the time, but now I can see the funny side.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Cath Bore is a writer based in Liverpool UK. Her crime novel The Bad Friend is through to the second stage of the WriteNow novel writing competition in UK, run by Penguin Random House. Cath’s website is cathbore.wordpress.comVisit her on Twitter @cathbore.Twitter: @cathbore