My Age of Certainty
by Tim Philippart

Getting my driver’s license
was a year behind me.
Going away to college
twelve months distant.

17 was just a real good year

A year was forever then.
Enough insulation to keep me from fearing the future.
Adequate experience to make me so wise in the now.

17 was just a real confident time.

It was easy to plan
hard not to dream.
Assured whatever could go wrong wouldn’t.
The time of my life and of being right.

17 was real short and only pestered me one year.

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: Seventeen and loaded for prom.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I have been writing some poetry and short stories about my youth. I particularly like 17, when I was too self-absorbed to worry about Vietnam or get nervous about going away to college. Such ignorant bliss.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tim Philippart sold his business in 2015. He ghost blogs, writes poetry and nonfiction. He wishes he had not waited decades to pick up the pen. Silver Birch Press, WPW, Pure Slush, Indiana Voice Journal, Dissident Voice and Inwood Indiana, among others, have published his writing.