happy @ 17
by Cindy O’Quinn

floating on the cusp
that thin white line
before legally of age
wanting to partake
in a bottle of strawberry hill
gas station wine

on our way
to the big show
our first concert,
bob seger on the piano
singing about
all those wonderful
night moves

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Going to the Bob Seger concert when I was a teenager is one of my favorite memories, and is the inspiration for this poem.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Cindy O’Quinn lives in the North Woods of Maine, on a working homestead, with her husband and two sons. Her works have been featured, or are forthcoming in, Black Petals, Sanitarium Magazine, Blood Moon Rising Magazine, Red Fez, Rat’s Ass Review, Bewildering Stories, and on Poetry Breakfast. Her debut novel is Dark Cloud on Naked Creek.