One Thing Led to Another
by Marion Tickner

At age 17 I received a phone call that I believe changed my life.

Our church’s Christian Ed Director wanted to talk about Vacation Bible School. At first I thought she was inviting me to attend a class for teens . . . until she said she’d get the lessons to me. It turned out that I was to help teach a class of four- and five-year-olds. What had I done? I had already said yes and didn’t want to admit that I had misunderstood her. But that year I discovered that I loved working with children.

In college I majored in Christian Education and worked with children in the church setting for more than 25 years. Also volunteered to read to a class in a public school.

I became involved with Pioneer Girls, a scouting club similar to Girl Scouts . When PG Headquarters announced plans to publish a magazine for girls, I wrote a short story and submitted it as a contribution to the new magazine. Imagine my surprise when it was accepted and I received a check.

With a new interest in writing, I have since been published in several magazines for children, both on line and print. My stories also appear in some anthologies.

As I look back over the years, I believe that one thing led to another. Elsie Auringer has since passed away, but I still thank her for introducing me to the joys of working with the little ones.

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NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I hadn’t had my eighteenth birthday yet, so I was still 17 when I graduated from high school. It was that year I got a taste of working with children when asked to help out in Vacation Bible School. I think that one thing led to another and an interest in writing.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Marion Tickner has been published in several magazines for children, both print and online, as well as other publications. Her stories also appear in a variety of anthologies, including  Mistletoe Madness, Summer Shorts, When God Steps In, The Christmas Stocking, Treasure Box, One Red Rose A Valentine’s Day Anthology, Nightlight A Golden Light Anthology, God Still Meets Needs, Gingersnaps and Candy Canes, To Love Deeply (Kindle only), Blizzard Adventure (Kindle only), Nancy Drew Anthology, and A Celebration of Mothers.

PHOTO: The author reading her story from Mistletoe Madness to a second grade class at Porter School, Syracuse, New York.