by Katy Konrad

As the sky clouds over
I think of the last time
The sun went out of my world.
August 1999, Seventeen years,
Me and a friend watched the solar eclipse
‘Don’t look directly at it’ people said
In case we damaged our eyes.
Teenagers, with badly applied eyeliner
And appliqued stars adorning our cheeks.
Pink hair mascara streaked my mid length locks.
My friend carried a Gonzo bag.
In an open field in the West County
We’d never felt more trapped
Desperate to escape our small town lives,
Live city life and be independent.

PHOTO: Total solar eclipse in France (August 11, 1999). Photo by Luc Viator.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I was inspired by the Solar Eclipse in 2015 and it really made me reflect on the last time this happened, and how much life had changed for me in that time.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Katy Konrad is from Somerset, UK, and has spent the last 16 years living in the North West. Writing since childhood, her first published poem was “Fragments” in In The Red  (2003), which is in The Poetry Library in London. Since 2009 she has had over 20 additional poems published. She featured as an emerging poet with three poems published in Social-i, and poems in exhibitions at The Grosvenor Museum. A runner-up in Dead Good Poets Liverpool’s Most Romantic Poet slam in 2010, she appeared on Vintage Radio in 2011. A performer in the North and South West, she is a regular at Zest, Alexanders Chester. She has read at Liver Bards at The Ship and Mitre in Liverpool in 2012 and 2013, and performed at the Callendar Poetry Festival in Scotland in 2012 and 2015. A participant in NaPoWriMo for the last five years, she is working on her first collection. A book reviewer for, she is featured in 2012 on More4’s TV Book Club.

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: Recording my poems at a studio in Cheshire, UK (March 2013, aged 31).