Thin Ice
by Allie Beatrice O’Hollerin

Daughter and beau, cooking in the kitchen.
For Father’s passed out from whiskey drinkin’.
Sliding fast on the linoleum floor,
hoping Dad continues sonorous snores.

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: My senior prom.  The school was Anchor Bay High School.  It was 1975.  The prom took place at the Hillcrest Country Club in Mt. Clemens, Michigan.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I have never written a poem before, but decided to take a class and try my hand. I read about the “Me, at 17” prompt and realized that there couldn’t be a better place to start. This is the age where hormones are raging and our fear of flying is almost non-existent. I put these thoughts together and came up with this very short story poem.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Allie Beatrice O’Hollerin has been and can still be an automobile radiator puller, farmer’s wife, storyteller, chef of some of the better curried lentil soup, former cleaner at Eastern Airlines, mother of brilliance, science teacher, writer of short stories, plumber, lover of people of all religious or nonreligious persuasions, and poet wanna-be.