hat ad 2
Left Behind
by Barbara Eknoian

There wasn’t enough room
in the U-Haul.
We abandoned our first
cream-colored kitchen table,
which still resides back east
at my cousin’s house,
and boxes of Bradley’s
Dress Store clothing,
made of materials I don’t see,
or can’t afford anymore:
matte jerseys, organza
and fine-sheared woolens.
My wedding gown
of French satin,
with wine spots on the hem,
a pearl gray coat
with a silver fox collar,
and my father’s brown fedora.

But those were just things.
I left behind precious people,
my mom, recently widowed,
my l4-year-old kid brother,
my maiden aunts, used to me
dropping by to visit.
My friends next door,
a daily fun part of our lives,
and I left a lot of me.
When my brother mails me
a package,
I’m thrilled to find an 8 x 10
framed sepia photo of my dad
wearing his brown fedora.
And then I notice his smile;
it was so much like mine.

IMAGE: Detail from vintage hat ad.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Barbara Eknoian’s work has appeared in Pearl, Chiron Review, Cadence Collective Anthology, and Silver Birch Press’s Silver, Green, Summer, NOIR Erasure Poetry, and  Self-Portrait anthologies. She resides in La Mirada, California, with her family. Her poetry book, Why I Miss New Jersey, and a novel, a family saga,  Monday’s Child are available at Amazon.