pork chop zazzle
That Smell
by Katley Demetria Brown

I wanted to bake pork chops for dinner.
But I couldn’t find them anywhere.
They weren’t in the fridge and they weren’t in the freezer.
Maybe I left them at Aldi.
Maybe they disappeared in some black hole.

The next day I drove to work and wondered why
my car smelled
like something had died.
I looked under the seats
and in the trunk. Was it the wet towel
that I took to the beach the other day?
I could not find the source of the stink
that got progressively worse in summer’s heat.
Air fresheners and Lysol couldn’t touch it.

My husband opened the trunk to look for a tire gauge
and then the odor assaulted him.
He found a package of pork chops
under the spare tire.
Ooh, that smell . . .

IMAGE: Pork chop sticker, available at zazzle.com.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: In my experience, lost items often fall into “black holes.” At my house, we have a laundry hamper with orphan socks (just in case their mates show up). Two summers ago, I went to the Aldi supermarket to buy the week’s groceries. For some reason, the pork chops were missing. Although I had searched the car earlier, I couldn’t find them. The next day, when my husband opened the trunk of the car to search for a tire gauge, the stench hit him immediately. He found the package of pork chops under the spare tire. He double-bagged the offending item and put it in the trash.


Katley Demetria Brown
was born in New York City and grew up in the South Bronx. She has traveled extensively in the eastern United States and in Europe, and writes about people, places, and nature. Her work has been featured in Internet and print publications including the international anthology series The Art of Being Human and the Silver Birch Press website. After traveling through the United States and Europe, she settled down in Springfield, Massachusetts, with her family. She has lost (and sometimes found) many items during life’s journey.