rosen bracelet

Totem Bracelet
by Diana Rosen

My sister, with whom I’ve had a challenging relationship, gave me an elephant’s hair bracelet with 14k gold details that I cherished. It was a generous gift, one that reflected that she had listened to my story of the myth that elephant’s hair brings one luck. She presented it in person during an especially enjoyable experience of lunch and laughs, an occasion rare but treasured.

Imagine my distress one day when I could not find it anywhere. Not on the bureau where I usually put jewelry after the day is done; not in any of the (embarrassing to admit) fifteen large and small boxes where I store jewelry. And, in case I was truly losing my mind, not on my wrist.

I fretted.

I mourned.

I accepted the loss.

I even bought another elephant’s hair bracelet though it didn’t have the appeal of the original one.

One morning, flummoxed about what to wear, I went through everything in the closet. The last item was a knitted dress and there was the bracelet, hanging onto fibers on the front of the dress, which had gone totally unnoticed for more than a year. (Good reason for regular closet cleaning, but that’s another story.) I removed it gently, pressed the disturbed threads of the dress back into their original shape, and examined the catch. It was bent and could not be closed. I dashed to the jeweler who repaired it in minutes, and wore it back home. Without revealing this story, I called my sister for a lunch and gabfest, one we do more often now.

The two elephant’s hair bracelets are worn together now, a reminder that the myth of luck may comfort but our mutual reaching out to one another keeps this wobbly, rocky sisterly relationship together.

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: My two elephant’s hair bracelets.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Diana Rosen is a nonfiction author of 13 titles, a flash fiction and essay writer (mostly recently in fall 2016 issue of Tiferet), and a poet with more than 45 credits (so far!) –including several poems in Altadena Poetry Review, to be published in April 2017. She is a regular contributor of content on food and beverage to online websites. Her process is not unlike her favorite recipe direction, rewrite “until done.”