The Gold Locket
by Alexis Rotella

I think of it every day,
my grandmother’s locket
I wore inside my bra to keep
her close, as it had some magic power
to help chase away the mysterious
illness which didn’t yet have a name.

I searched every drawer,
every corner of every room.
One day I imagine going to the attic
again to find it in a forgotten box,
the keepsake with its tiny diamond
she bought working as a cook
in the Czarina’s kitchen before boarding
the ship for Ellis Island, the locket
that holds her memories of home
and the teething marks of my late Uncle John.

IMAGE: Vintage gold and diamond locket, available at rubylane.com.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alexis Rotella is a well known writer of Japanese forms in English as well as a digital artist and licensed acupuncturist. Three of her mobile art pieces were featured at the NemImpossibleHumans March Equinox Exhibit in Florence, Italy. She is the current judge for the Ito-En Haiku Annual Grand Prize Awards. Her most well known longer poem, “Purple,” was included in Teaching with Heart: Poetry that Speaks to the Courage to Teach  (John Wiley and Sons) and can be read at this link.