Lovers and Husbands
by Leslie Sittner

I found the first one as a 7th grader.
He lived around the corner.
He was my on-again-off-again bad-boy boyfriend.
We both had red hair.
He always called me red-in-the-head.
I lost him when he joined the Army, I went away to college.

I found the second one in college.
I thought he had great potential.
We married before we graduated, graduated,
traveled in Europe for two years.
In the Big Apple we careered, made a lovely daughter.
Then lost each other to divorce.

I found the first one again twelve years later.
We both still had some reddish hair.
He was still a bad-boy and still called me red-in-the-head.
This time we married.
Twenty-one years later I lost him again.
To cancer.

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: This is bad-boy senior and the young bad-boy is in the lower right corner. We were the proverbial soul mates. And I really miss the motorcycle rides as well.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I’ve lost and/or found meaningful “stuff” over the years but nothing quite compares to lovers and husbands.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Leslie Sittner has been turning to the written word as a form of self-expression and reflection. Her stories are available in print in The Apple Tree by Third Age Press, and will soon be featured in Adirondack Life Magazine. On-line prose can be seen at 101Words, 50 Word Challenge, 50 Word Stories as well as many selections of prose and poetry at Silver Birch Press. She has finished a memoir about travels with her ex-husband and hopes a publisher will find it as humorous as she and her writer-friends do.