Work Pants
by Laura Foley

I find them, faded
at the knees,
back pockets, crotch,
crusted still with the dust
of his last bread,
his blue jeans hanging
from a nail
he hammered
in the pine
walls of the old
silo he made
his studio
by the tiled
beehive oven
he built
from river clay.
In the pockets,
remnants of
a pencil,
bits of silt,
wood ash,
nothing else.

SOURCE: First published in The Glass Tree, Harbor Mountain Press.

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: These well-used work pants with holes in them are much like the ones my late husband left hanging from a nail in the silo.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: In this poem, I find my late husband’s work pants still hanging in the silo, a poignant reminder of him.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Laura Foley is the author of six poetry collections, including WTF and Night RingingHer poem “Gratitude List” won the Common Good Books poetry contest judged by Garrison Keillor; “Nine Ways of Looking at Light” won the Joe Gouveia Outermost Poetry Contest, judged by Marge Piercy. A palliative care volunteer, she lives with her partner and three big dogs among the hills of Vermont. Please visit her at