Contents of the City of Manzanita, Oregon’s (a Small Beach Town) Lost & Found closet in February
by Tricia Knoll

     one hooded pink rain jacket, size small
     a fluorescent-yellow broken umbrella
     two sweatshirts (one U of O, one OSU — extra larges)
          lime green flip-flops
     three rings (ruby, gold band, and child-sized mood ring)
     ten sets of keys
     one Prius key ring
     one Kindle
     a corkscrew
     a surf rod and reel
     two unmatched earrings
     four smartphones

I rummaged around for my cat’s-eye sunglasses. No such luck.

IMAGE: Marilyn Monroe in cat’s-eye sunglasses by Arnold Newman (1962).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: The ocean is a great cleaner of the beach. Not much on the Pacific hangs out very long when it is lost. The ocean takes away most of the flip-flops and brings back a few half-shells and agates. The days of finding Japanese glass fishing floats are pretty much over with. This poem is from Ocean’s Laughter.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tricia Knoll, an Oregon poet, owned a vacation rental beach house in Manzanita for 25 years.  Her poetry about change over time in this small Oregon town is collected in Ocean’s Laughter (Aldrich Press). Her website is

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