by Jessica Edler

There she was, dark hair, hazel eyes, and wrinkle lines
She stared at me with tears cascading,
Confidence fading.

I watched as she told me of the turbulence of life,
her eyes full of hope and heroes,
Dreaming happiness.

I stared at her unknowing, comfort almost foreign
She dropped her eyes in shame,
Perfection deceiving.

Wavering back and forth on the balls of her feet,
She judged me fiercely with eyes of ice,
Nervous competition.

Broken and beaten through the years, mental torment
She covered her body as her eyes closed,
Conjuring Bravery.

Lifting her face, breathing deep, she reaches out a hand,
Eyes steady and focused on mine,
Knowing truth.

I raise my fingers to meet her own, skin on glass
Her eyes are mine, a staring contest.
Unwavering acknowledgment.

Air leaves our lungs, forgiveness of self in a moment,
Wipe tears from tired eyes, for truth of self lies ahead,
Eventual Acceptance

IMAGE: “Mirror” by Koshiro Onchi (1930).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This poem was simply about finding myself in a mirror. The moment of getting out of the shower and going through the process of analyzing one’s self lost a long time. It is hard to find that person, that “you” in life. When you accept you, as you are, the tears stop and you kind of awaken. This poem was recent, and I have only found myself in that small time frame. Slowly I step into my own body again and accept the changes it continues to go through.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jessica Edler is a writer, photographer, and dreamer. With two beautiful children keeping her on her toes and a husband whose love knows no end, she finds herself trying to balance the chaos of life with writing her novels and children’s books. A lover of chocolate, cookies, and all things sugary, she dreams big and sets sometimes unattainable goals for herself like simultaneously writing six books, and eating lots of cookies. She and Edgar Allen Poe would have been very good friends if the timelines matched up, and, absurdly enough, she prefers to write with a pen because scratching out a mistake is more gratifying than erasing it. Her books are available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and you can find her at the Tampa Bay ComicCon on July 29, 2017 speaking on creativity and writing!  Find some writing challenges, prompts, updates and such  at jessicaedler.com.