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Where is that Credit Card?
by Richard Harries

Was going to Malta for a month
My wallet bulged
With cards not cash
No need to take so my credit card
My wife normally carries the cash
So put it away in a safe place
Did not want to lose
This card
Abroad, making my life complex

On my return
I had to think
Where my safe place was
Had no idea!
The card was lost
My credit card’s loss was a big worry
Where could it be?
Looked in my desk,not there
Drawers, even under the rugs

This carried on for weeks
Greatly inconveniencing me
Looked in the daftest of places
The bread bin
The shed,the summerhouse
Why would I put it there?
Gave up it was lost to me
Had to be canceled
Needed replacing at once

One day was depressed
Feeling low indeed
Now when I am so sad
I reach for Enid Blyton
And disappear into my childhood memories
Works for me
I picked up a Famous Five
As I picked it up it swung open
And showered me with cards
Oh THAT’S where my safe place was!
Yes I remember putting it there now
A very safe place
No burglar would look there
And I had doubted they would nab the book
So the lost card was returned
Safe and sound to me

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This event happened about three years ago when I was 62.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Richard Harries is a performance poet and usually appears all over Yorkshire, U.K . — performing regularly at festivals including Cornucopia and Hull’s Freedom Festival . He will be seen on Hull’s City of Culture website in the MEET THE ARTIST series. He has had over 70,000 youtube hits and his channel is RCPOEMS channel.