Warehouse Lessons
by G. Murray Thomas

I got my first job through a temp agency,
although it lasted all summer,
the summer before I headed off to college
to learn new things.

It was in an electronics parts warehouse.
We got a little wooden cart
and a list of parts to gather
and deliver to the shipping department.
At the end of my second day
my co-workers took me aside
and told me I was working too hard.

It turned out the warehouse was closing
at the end of the summer.
There were two groups of employees –
temps like me, mostly college students,
and a group of older men
who had worked there for thirty years
and were about to lose their jobs.
Neither group cared
about the work,
about their job,
about the company.

I was already learning new things.

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: This is either the summer of my first job, or the following summer. Not sure.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: When I saw the prompt, this poem wrote itself.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: G. Murray Thomas always knew he wanted to be a writer. He spent much his downtime in the warehouse scribbling notes for his first (unpublished) novel. When he went to college, he emerged with a degree in creative writing. Information about his current writing activities and published work can be found at