Working in a Sports Shop
by Richard Harries

When I was young I got my first job
In a sports shop earned a few bob
I was told to deal with racquet sports and swimwear
I could advise about catgut strings with no care

A posh man called Charles worked with me
Sold the hunting, shooting and fishing things did he
He sold fishing flies without stabbing his hand
He really looked smart ever so grand
If I tried to sell them I had no idea
Which kind they were

There were others selling football gear
Rugby, cricket stuff with no fear
Now on our days off we had to cover for each other
I found that disgusting and so much bother
Why? Well every now and again
When Charles was not there it was a pain
To see a usually scruffy sod come in
And hold a jar or a tin
Hung on a bit of string
They did this bring
To get their pints of maggots held in a cellar dark
In a nasty smelly tin bath got me in a nark

We all got clumsy I knocked my racquets over
Going down in the dark did not smell like clover
All the wriggling mass was quite vile
It made me feel sick and unlikely to smile
So I’d rather pick the racquets up
Than wander down and fill the jar with a cup

They asked me to stay there make it my career
But with those maggots in the basement no way , no fear

IMAGE: “Tennis” by Erte (1892-1990).


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Richard Harries is  now 65 and an actual pensioner. He has  been writing and performing for several years and writes about things that move him either in a happy or sad way. He also writes anecdotally from memory . He performs at major festivals like Hull’s Freedom Festival and the Filey Folk Festival and also performs to children and clubs, including those at community centres and churches. He has had over 73,000 youtube hits and his channel is RCPOEMS channel.